Coffee for the Broken By the Broken

All throughout scripture, God chose broken people to do the most extraordinary things. All sinners, all broken in some way.

Each person, chose to focus on their weakness, their issue, the problem holding them back –their “demons”. Despite this, God chose them anyway and pushed them onto the Battlefield and into the midst of Spiritual Warfare.

Victory 12-2

Your Source of Courage

The voices who told them no, that they’re going to fail or fall short, the ones who said they weren’t good enough—they roasted those demons and surpassed all expectations. They became victorious!

We are all called. We are all on the battlefield right now. You're being told no, you're being told that you will fail, that you won't make it, that your idea will amount to nothing. Screw that! Get inspired; get motivated and roast your demons!

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