Your Christian Coffee Company

When you are in the pit and trudging through the valley, where do you turn for comfort? In our flesh and brokenness, we turn to ourselves, and we seek value in our works. However, when you live according to the Spirit, you turn to Christ, the Author and Perfecter of your faith.

Our Story

At Battlefield Coffee Company, we are a Christian coffee company that seeks to help you arm yourself for the daily battles of life with the Word and a cup of our delicious coffee. We roast each cup of our coffee in small batches with precision to tailor each cup to the individual we serve.

We want you to be encouraged that God is for you, not against you. Although you are broken, rest assured that you are not alone because we are broken individuals too. The Lord’s grace is sufficient for you today, so rest in His grace with a cup of our coffee.

Our coffee is resourced from farms around the world, and we proudly come alongside small family-operated growers. Browse our bar page to explore the various drinks we offer to help you overcome the day. We also offer a variety of apparel to arm you for battle as much on the outside as you are on the inside.

If you have any questions about our Christian coffee roasters, contact us today at (540) 412-1480, or send us a message through our contact page. You are not in this battle alone. The Lord has called you and redeemed you to Himself. Therefore, arm yourself today with His Word and with our coffee.