Specialty Roasted Coffee in Fredericksburg, Virginia


Specialty Coffee Roasted in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Broken. To Blessed!

At Battlefield Coffee Company, we resource coffee from amazing farms all across the world, where growers are either operated by small families or from high quality co-ops of small region based growers. All coffee is roasted to order, in small batches, giving you precision roasted coffee each and every time.

The Battlefield Brand is all about overcoming the difficulties of life. If you're experiencing any of life's difficulties right now, you've come to the right place! We are a Spiritual Warfare Company, that is designed to give you positive and encouraging substance, during your coffee routine.

You must know, if you are broken, you are BLESSED! God chose the most broken people to do the most extraordinary things. We are a coffee for the broken, by the broken.


Victory Coffee For Victorious People!

Our coffee serves as a daily reminder to push hard for victory, to fight for redemption, and to claim vengeance on the personal demons that are holding you back from achieving your goals, your dreams, or simply getting through the day.

Not today!

Stop letting fear, anxiety, depression, and self-doubt hold you back! You have the strength to overcome. Allow us to help you Roast your demons with a kick of power and motivation, by getting your cup of our roasted coffee today.

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